Watch Best Animated 2D Explainer Video Examples in 2023

Animated videos are invariably a systematic and provocative process to push your customers. The more appealing is the animated explainer video, the higher impact it continuing to make on the content and product you create. 2D animation adds a tremendously positive influence and style to the content you create.

It is a known fact that the public’s engagement lies in the 2d animation of a video. It deliberately makes the content exceedingly impressive. 2D explainer videos are the key to hitting the target audience. An explainer video can provide all the information you are compelled to deliver. This is the guide towards the best explainer videos 2021.

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What is an explainer video?

Explainer Videos is a short form engaging video chiefly design to explain the purposes of your content. It is the best plan to describe everything excitingly and efficiently. Most of the business and diverse alternatives make explainers for their landing pages. It is a remarkable technique to create the most passable first impression on the audience and deliver better styles to the video.


What is animation?

Animation is a shaped appearance as a moving image. It is right now a key in the digital world. Animation and all its substitutes like 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics significantly impact the entertainment market. Moreover, without animation in a composition is a tedious way to show your content.


What is 2D animated explainer video?

In this video, we add animations, different animation characters, and a lot of voiceovers to make it perfect. This is what we call 2D animated Explainers Video.


What is the difference between 2D and 3D explainer videos?

The distinction between 2d and 3d explainer videos is just so obvious. 2d explainer video is a 2-dimensional video, whereas 3d animation is a three-dimension explainer video. 2d animation includes height and width only, whereas 3d elements comprise height width and depth. Both styles are an excellent plan to introduce your theme.


Benefits of Using 2D Animation

2D animation videos are a universally used and dynamic way of marketing and branding. It is the most famous animation because of its easy makings and efficiency of distribution. In fact, 2D animations maintain the momentum of your marketing or any alternative content you are creating at the peak level. We have seen that 40% of engagement prevails in the animation. Then stop making lousy intro’s make it with 2D animation.

Also It can be use as a sales kit by your sales team which increase prospecting & closing rates.

2D Animation is Cost-Effective

2D animation is easy to carry out, which makes it utterly cost-effective. Most of the cost in 2D animation depends on the amount of detail in the design, the complexity of the animation, video length, voiceover, music, and distribution. Although if you want it to make for yourself or by your marketing team, it is very cheap compared to the style and renovation it gives.

Attractive & Eye-Catching

The choice of 2D animation videos is wonderfully attractive and eye-catching. Features and styling give an ultimate excitement when the audience watches it. It can quickly grab and hold their attention when the people engaged with the 2D animation content gradually affect the SEO. 2D animated videos are always the key to success. This is how top YouTubers and content creator holds their audience.

Better Way of Communication

2D animation has been innovative for learners. 65% of learners are visual learners. In fact, when information is introduced in the 2D format, they understand better. They even prefer it over many contents. Especially the explainer video has to be in 2D format. This is the best to introduce your product to clients. Better communication makes the perfect expression.

People Share What They Like

2D Animation has another crucial benefit. When people like engaging content, they share it. Engaging content is More content share online through social media. There are a lot of chances of increasing engagement when clients share it. To make it more attractive, 2D animation explainer is the way to do it.

Increases Engagement

The priority that a content creator demand is the engagement of the clients. Including 2D animation explainer video will increase the engagement. In fact, there is nothing else besides animation to develops live-action engagements. Likewise, in the 2D animation explainer videos, it is crucial to have every content you create.

Helps in SEO

Just like people, Google also likes animated video content. Adding animated videos to your website is a great way to improve your SEO and can help your businesses grow higher in Google search. With browsing experience, This makes you visible and accessible to potential customers with features. It is also the most satisfactory process of making email address signatures. An email Address signature can help your client in a beneficial way of work.

Google’s search algorithm also looks at the time users visit your website, and this is one of the many reasons cartoons have seen explosive growth.

Saving Time

2D animation is a great time saver. A 2D animated video is speaking of thousands of words instead of text. Every person prefers it. And why not people are very busy at work. They want to save their precious time. So by making 2D animated videos will save pretty much time for your other work.

Bringing of More Ideas

You can efficiently deliver your ideas and point of view about your product through animation video production. Once you start it, it will open many gates for you. You can make different clips of how your products change your life or how can your products change a customer’s life.

You can reveal your idea and product clearly to your clients through animated video production. This is great for making your clients utterly sure about your product.


How our 2D animated videos help your business

Some of the awesome live-action 2D animated videos are some of the most versatile ways of marketing the brand. The process influences your business brand. This is perfectly cost-effective. In fact, you don’t require any actors to do this job. Only engaging cartoon characters will do your job.

The 2D animated videos are the choice of expanding the marketing of your businesses work. It is probably the right route to do it. The visualization has vibrant colors, which are highly recommended for engagements.


You can use 2D animated videos for any industry, here are some ideas

In training & Education

2D animated videos are the best way to introduce your education and training field. Training and learning websites and business is using the interface of 2D animation to give their message. 2D animation is probably a go-to go marketing tool for the education sector and training sectors. Moreover, children’s education is highly inflected with animation. This is the focal point in this type of business.

For a Website

Blogging and other website are engaged with the animated videos. Over 80% of traffic wants to know about a particular website, and they prefer a video rather than a text. In fact, making an introductory video with 2D animation for a website is very attractive for a website. It will add colors to it, which will always keep your brand in the limelight. It is greatly influenced by gravity forms as well. The animation in gravity forms of a website can make it engaging.

Social Media

Businesses on social media are mushrooming. If your content is based on videos or making videos for your product, then including animation is the most acceptable probability of increasing your audience. In fact, it is not all about making new customers. It is also about increasing the loyalty of the current ones. Each person likes something exciting, and there is nothing better than a 2D process.


Create Your Own 2D Animation Explainer Video

If you want to get experience in making the best 2D animation explainer videos, start by making it yourself or hire an internal team. Our guidelines are perfect for making these videos. Moreover, while making a 2D animation explainer video, you can easily include all the requirements by yourself for your team. This is how it is going to make your collection of videos.

Explainer Video Examples

You can find many explainer video examples and. On our site, there are many fundamental ways to make 2D explainer videos. The guidelines are entirely authentic and easy to learn. Almost every video that we find on YouTube and mostly made on any other platform with an explainer.

You can easily find them and can make a complete core out of them. The promo video is excellent for the beginner to start the explainer video for a company or brand.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is another excellent tool for 2d animation explainer. Explainer videos with motion graphics as well as stop motion are another impressive combination. It comprises excellent styles and tools inside it. Moreover, motion graphics is another picture-perfect animation of 2d.

It creates perfect illusion and motion in an animated video. This is another significant innovation for you in the motion graphics explainer video.


How much does a 2D explainer video cost?

Well, the 2D explainer video company or brands doesn’t cost too much. In recent research, almost most companies or in the freelance market charge $8 for 60 seconds for the service of the explainer video. This is a low ‘price as compared to the 3D, and other animation will cost you.

You can find the service on 2d animation explainer video company or at a freelance place that provides this service. In Fact, You can create your own 2d animation explainer video. You need to buy tools for it instead of giving money to someone else. So make sure you follow our guidelines for making it.


What makes a great 2D explainer video?

There are different alternatives that you should look upon while making it. The live-action 2D animation explainer video should be conscious. To the point, a 2D animation explainer video will make no one bore. Making your users bore is losing them. So try to make it engaging.


What is Explainer Video Script?

An explainer video script is a voiceover artist or a voice actor in the explainer videos. The scrip is the primary key to explainer video production. The voiceover artists will tell it like a story. After recording the script, they align it with the visualization, and that is how you get a complete explainer video script.

You can write your script. But if you are not good at that, there are many professional paid script makers. Likewise with the voice over too. If your voice is not good enough for it, then it is better to hear a voiceover to do it for you. The script can be a story as well.


What is the best whiteboard animation software?

Whiteboard video animation software is probably one of the best animators software. Something you can make the most popular explainer videos for your content.

A whiteboard animation software offers outstanding advantages in their plan and idea over much traditional software. Here is the top software for the work of Whiteboard explainer videos:

  • Mango Animated Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Explaindio Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • MySimpleShow Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • Camtasia Whiteboard Animation Software.
  • RenderForest Whiteboard Animation Software.

These are our top choices. they are probably the best explainer video templates editor. These can be done on the mobile phone as well.


How do you make a 2D explainer video?

You can easily make a 2D explainer video as you have to follow the guidelines. The more you practice making it, the more you will get better. There are some simple tutorials available even on the explainer video youtube makes it more accessible. Follow each step from them and make your video.


How long should explainer videos be?

The time of the explainer video depends on you and the video style. AS long as you deliver your point, then you can make it as much long. The content script as well the speed of the voice, also matters. So it can be 1 to 2 minutes video maximum.

It is a known fact that when your explainer video exceeds from 2 minutes, the viewer gradually drops from 70% to 50%.

How long should 2D explainer videos be?

The 2D explainer video is likewise the same duration as the explainer video itself. A 2D animation can add many things to it. Moreover, it has to last for 2 minutes a little more than that can cause you problems.


Which software is best for explainer videos?

There is software available for making an explainer video maker. Some of them are available for free, and some are paid. We have gathered one of the best software for explainer videos. Following are the different types of surfers for animated explainer video software.

  • Visme
  • Animaker
  • Powtoon
  • RawShorts
  • Vyond
  • Biteable
  • VideoScribe
  • Wideo
  • Adobe Spark
  • Toonly
  • Moovly
  • MySimpleShow

These will be your company priority software for making an explainer video. They have outrageous features. The feature comprises many important tools for video making.

2D Explainer Video is the most prevalent and predictable video that is vastly used on many occasions. 2d animation commonly stands for two dimensions. 2D explainer videos with animation are a winning act for your audience. There are many benefits that you will get from the 2d explainer video. Remember, the first impression always matters.
We already talked about how an explainer video affects the style of content you create. It is very effective in any circumstances. A person who is keen to know about your content: when the clients get it from the explainer part, it makes it easier for them. You can make many types of it to work it out.