Best B2B Explainer Videos & B2B Video Marketing Examples 2023

The term B2B explainer videos means business to business video commercial. It is a kind of a video advertisement that aims for transaction where one company will sell products or services to another company. The video in which B2B is explained is simply called b2b explainer video.

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Table of Contents

The Importance of Explainer Videos

The importance of explainer videos can be estimated by this way that they are frequently used in education in order to explain complex and abstruse concepts. A 90 seconds video can prove more useful than a whole article.

Similarly, animated movies are produced on different topics like philosophy, explaining scientific truths, ethics and business.

What content should be included in Explainer Video?

Explainer video content should be simple, durative, easy to understand and well explained in simple language. One should avoid high classified language. It must be short and core message should be centralized. Also use 2nd person pronouns.

How Explainer videos help businesses

B2B business Explainer videos make use of multi-semiotic tools in order influence majority audience and to clarify concepts of numerous fields of knowledge more vividly and in a transparent manner.

It is the trend of b2b marketing now a days and a short explainer video can aid to boost the entire business instantly. It helps conversion of rates, increases sales and leads the business on peak. Here we are mentioning different ways to

Production of B2B Explainer Videos

Here we shall briefly explain the procedure that will help us understand how explainer videos are produced. It is useful to understand the process behind the scene because it is a team of script-writers, video-animators, and voice-artists whose collective efforts create such amazing explainer videos.

Brainstorming and Discussions

The first process of creating videos is brainstorming method in which great minds of a team sit together and discuss the different aspects as well as the core concepts of the topic keeping in mind the needs of the targeted audience.

B2B explainer video storyboarding

Next to brainstorming comes the turn of scripting and story board. A script writer writes a story in an interesting and catchy prose. Team members analyze the story through different angles and give it approval.

After the approval, the script is staged on the story-board so as to decide how to lay out the story step by step in a persuasive fashion. This includes three things: scenes, description, and voice recording.


Style is a core thing in making explainer video which includes coloring, texture,description,background, foreground and icons etc. In short, this uses multiple modes and semiotic resources to influence the target audience.

Voice Recording

Next to presentation of style comes the number of voice recording. Appropriate pitch, frequency, quality, tonic prominence and contours are like backbone for the qualitative b2b explainer video. The misuse of paralinguistic features destroys the quality. A number of artists are demonstrated and few are selected.

Animation videos

The animated explainer videos includes animating hand made drawings using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Autodesk 3D Max etc. Animated explainer actually gives life to products and paintings.

The Sound Design

This sound design sets the overall mood and tone of the video. The proper design of voice over is connected to our brain and it actually helps the clients to be more engaged in the explainer video. It keeps them completely involved in the topic.


It insinuates their receptors and helps them understand the concepts. Music is either purchased or produced by the musicians in the house of explainer video.

Types of b2b videos

There are a number of B2B explainer video that can best explain your B2B businesses. Here we are mentioning some examples of animated explainer that helps the marketers to access the viewers.

These b2b explainer videos use video marketing strategy to set an ideal business model and to seek the attention of people. Moreover, video content also matters a lot and the message can best be communicated via good content and images. Here is a list.


This is a kind of explainer video that makes sure that any of the complex ideas can be trimmed simple and easy to understand. The team communicates with the customers and tries to understand their needs.


Colorful scenes in these videos increases the excitement. The experience of the staff is very much important because the whole staff is the part of content marketing institute and therefore they should work collaboratively so as to provide best services. The explainers create a supply chain between buyers , companies and marketers.


AZA is a twofold way whereby clients can search buyers and vice versa. Watching B2B video and b2b animation not only helps you to grasp b2b video content and b2b video marketing strategy but also helps you make purchases of the product. It is not a mere b2b sales video but it introduces brand and business. This is a best platform.

Introducing Social media B2B video Ads

Many of b2b explainer videos works like network firewall. The explainer video maker helps someone via b2b video marketing statistics and graphics to well conceptualize the content.


It is workplace tool which is a best b2b explainer and that changes the email address inside the company. This strengthens the network of team and makes collaborative work easier.

The maker doesn’t use strange signs and characters for his best explainer video but uses best animations in order to make animated explainer video best of all appealing to a mass audience. This is a best example of B2B marketing video.

Maker Sight

This platform helps companies to maintain flow of information. The owners can make judgments about the production as well as quality. The owners can also makes estimates about the Production as well as the supply chain and they see whether production and income are compatible or not.

Microsoft Information

This tool converts the data of b2b companies into visual system so that someone could better understand it. If producer makes right use of this tool then he or she can create hypnotizing videos.

If you really want to be inspired then you should watch these best explainer videos like Prescribe Wellness, panorama 9, Google Drive, and Drop Box etc.

B2B Product Demo Videos

A best video not only gives information to its target audience but also entertains them. The different use of colors, prints and layout attract the viewers.

The product and a video both are taken as a demo and b2b companies play the role of a user. It works on the principle that the product should first appeal the producer and if it does, it shall also appeal the customers.

Software of producing videos

There are some good software too in the market that help the makers to make better and eye catching videos. These are PowToon, Wideo, GoAnimate, Biteable, Toonly and Render forest. Here we shall briefly discuss these software.

  • Pow Toon

Pow Toon is a free online tool that helps you create animated quality videos. It has multiple features, and templates to attract the viewers. Moreover, it is easy to use and requires no prior experience to operate it.

  • Wideo

If you really want to create catchy animated videos then this software is offering you quality and variety under a single umbrella. It is offering 1300 images and 50+ music tracks to animate the inanimate.

  • Go Animate

If you are using Go Animate then you should come to know that it is not offering free animation. Rather, it receives charges to use it, but it is something special .

It is fastest and offers a number of interesting tools and services to create engaging videos. As it costs higher so no one would like to utilize it but it still offers standard.

  • Bite able

Bite able is an interesting software which is a type of free explainers. On these platforms, you can win attention by creating attractive explainers for all of your required audience.

  • Render forest

This tool is amazing which is used for business purposes and it needs no expertise to operate it and you can use it from b2b social media videos to explainer video websites.

The cost of an explainer video varies. It might range from $1500 to $25000 to make an animated video and sometimes it may cost $35000 too.
The standard size and length of the videos is 150 words per minute and one should know the rule that the longer the explainer video, the shorter will be its influence. The problem should be addressed within first 20 seconds, the solution of the problem within 20 to 25 seconds, ‘How it works’ in 25 to 50 seconds and lastly action in 50 to 60 seconds.