Best Software Product Demo Videos by Startups 2023

Product demo videos are so powerful. They are significant takeoff points for demo videos give an insight into the full details of the products. Demo videos are great video content for customers. Consumers are able to clarify value of the product and function of the product. Demo videos makes it possible to formally introduce the brand and also appraise the brand. Branding can be enhanced by a great demo video.

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Product demo videos show how a product works, how it solves the problem it was designed for, how use of the product can bring value to potential customers. In recent times, product demo videos make a large part of product marketing.

This trend can be related to increase in demand for video content from consumers. Consumers now prefer to watch a short demo video to have more information about a product or service. Demand for product demo videos are on the rise. Great demo videos make good impression about a brand .

The abundance of demo videos has made video marketing a popular term. Video marketing has introduced a new wave of competition. Brands now compete for the best product demo videos. Having the best product demo video boosts the chances of swaying more consumers.

A Wyzowl study revealed that a large percentage of consumers say that a brand’s product video is a factor that determines the purchase of a product. There exists different types of product demo videos however there are essential elements that must be present in a product demo video. They are essential because they make a great video content. Demo video is ideally a product demonstration video.


How do you make a good product demonstration video?

There is a common structure to create the best demo video:

Outline the aim of the demo video

The demo video should have a goal. Is this demo video for the purpose of brand awareness? Is this demo video for the purpose of subscriptions? Is this demo video for the purpose of enlightenment? When potential customers watch the product demonstration video, what actions do you expect from potential customers. In a nutshell, how does the demo video earn the brand money.

Define your target audience

The product demo video is for a target audience. A well defined group of potential customers. When the product demo video is viewed by the target audience, conversion rate is high. There is a higher chance of purchases being made. When a good product demo video is viewed by individuals other than the target audience, the goal of the demo is not achieved.

This is a very key factor that must be considered in creating a product demo video. To create a demo video, one must consider if the audience being targeted are previous users of the brand’s product or they are potential users. What’s the main difficulty being encountered by potential users.

In the creation of a demo video, another important consideration is the attention span of the audience. In recent times, attention span of humans has drastically reduced. The explainer video should be created in consideration of this factor. This will allow the explainer video to be effective. It also fulfills the purpose of the demo video. The product demo is crafted around the unique characteristic of potential customers.

In an instance where you are introducing a software that uses a person’s fingerprints to determine the risk of having a heart attack. The audience for the product demo might be hospital administrators or government officials. These are individuals whose main duties are to ensure quality health delivery as well as support innovations in health delivery.

Budget and timeline

Product demo is a resourceful video marketing tool. Sometimes, it could be cost intensive. It is necessary to work with a budget. From the very beginning of creating the product demo video, there should be a budget in place. It determines the path of the product demo creation moving forward.

Basically how much is available for this product demo creation. Budget determines the quality of the product demo video. A low budget demo video is not expected to have a higher quality than a demo video of a higher budget. This is not really an issue, a great product demo video is one that effectively gives insight into the full details of the product.

The set budget for a product demo video influences the timeline for creation. A low budget product demo video tends to be completed relatively faster than a high budget product demo video.

In general, timeline has an overriding effect on budget allocations. This is why it is necessary to outline the specific time when the product demo video should be completed and available.

Determine if the product demo creation will be handled internally or contracted out

Once again budget plays a role in this aspect of product demo creation. Most times if there are a lot of activities that make up the product demo creation, it is advisable the services of an agency is recruited. High budget product demos are usually executed this way. This is actually necessary because there is a timeline for the product demo video to be ready.

For a low budget product demo video, it can be sufficiently executed in-house. There are not as much activities as you have in a high budget product demo video. Using a smartphone with a high quality, you can create a great product demo video. Another alternative is to screen record your computer.

For a low budget product demo video, ideally you can record with any available device. Just make the most of what is available and be proud of the product demo video you created.

Let the product demo follow a sequence

Product demo video that is well structured gets the audience captivated as well as keeps them captivated. This is because a well structured product demo video is in a sequential manner. There is progression of events. The product demo video could be based on a story. Could be text based or visual passed. Basically is the means through which essence of the video will be communicated.

The structure of a product demo video answers the question, how do you bring the goal of this product demo to fruition. This is also a necessary factor that must be properly handled. This is because this not only secures the audience’s attention but also maintains it.

In some cases considering how crucial product demo is to the success of a brand, the services of a creative agency or freelance videographer can be employed. Their expertise can be beneficial to the product demo creation.

But in some cases, it can be done individually. In such instance one can use some well structured product demo videos as templates.

Make a decision; animation or live-action

A live-action product demo is cost-intensive. This decision is largely driven by budget. It is a function of the set budget for the product demo video. Ideally don’t overshoot the set budget. for low-budget product demo, animation will be recommended.

The set budget for the demo video is very important. The decision also boils down to which option will effectively promote the product. Some products are best marketed using a live-action product demo while in some cases a an animation will do wine.

Script writing

This is the crucial part of product demo creation. Be it animation or live-action, a script is required. This sets the tone and message of the product demo.

Script writing is initiated with a project brief, this is followed by an outline. Outline introduces a sequential progression. The section by section progression of the product demo.

This should be done carefully as the outline must correlate with the goal of the product demo video. You can also have a verbal run-through. It helps to detect unwanted sounds.

How long should a product demo video be?

The length of a demo video is an important factor to consider in the creation of a product demo. The average attention span should be considered.

Once you have captured the attention of your target audience, the goal is to pass across as much essential information about the product or service within the limited period of the average attention span.

Therefore, lengthy demo videos are not really encouraged. The ideal duration of demo video is two minutes. However in some cases where in order to achieve the aim of the demo video, one has to go into details about the features of the product or service, then a demo video length of five minutes will do just fine.

What should a demo video include?

Though demo videos exist in different types. There are certain elements that are common to all. They include


A comments theme to goals of product demo videos is to effective explanation of the product usefulness. How the product will be beneficial to potential users. The value the product adds to potential users.

In a video format, this can be done in variety of ways. This emphasizes the usefulness of scripting the demo video. It makes the explanation flow in a coherent manner. Also the manner in which the product is presented influences explanation.

A live-video demonstration will be ideal for tangible elements. Animations will work better for software explanation, screen recording as well.

Feature highlights

Marketing involves promoting the unique selling points of a product or service. They are also referred to as features. Therefore highlighting these features in the demo video is essential.

However emphasis is on unique; this means not necessarily all features but most important to avoid information overload in the demo video.


A demo video that is not engaging defeats the purpose. It even begins from the quality of thumbnail chosen for the video; is it captivating or not. Basically the audience should be attracted to watch and keep watching. It should be intriguing to watch.


Best Product Demo Videos

Great examples of best product demo videos include:

IKEA Place

This product demo shows that addressing the issue at hand; the problem the product intends to solve, can be a very good start. The product demo shows a montage of individuals having issues setting up their new spaces. They are experiencing difficulties furnishing their new spaces. Basically it is a demonstration of the app.

The sequence in this product demo follows an initial problem identification and reason why the product solves the issue.



A budding app primed to aid team communication. The demo video goal was to address common misconceptions about the app. One of which was the belief that it only serves the function of sending messages.

It is also a demonstration-type demo video. In the product demo, there is a walk through how teams communicate. Though heavy on features, the actor does a good job of explaining why those features are beneficial. It is important to note that the demo video closes with calk to action which is a good one as it shows that demo videos can be used for marketing purposes.


Ring Door View Cam

This demo video is more of a practical product demo as it shows individuals using ring door view can in their everyday lives. Also shows the versatility of the products. They product can be used in a number of ways.

So in addition to outlining benefits of the products as it is seen in other demo videos, the audience can also see the product in action. Less talk, more action.



An inside look at the Peloton bike. This is also another great example of a practical demo video. But in this case, emphasis is on the experience one gets from using the product.

It also discusses certain features and also a more focused view of the machine. It is clear that goal of this demo video was the experience a user gets from using the product.


Survey monkey

Introducing the new survey monkey. This is a great example of a demonstration type demo video. About two minutes long, the demo video provides a walkthrough the benefits, product interface and features. A powerful combination of visuals.

The goal of this demo video is to highlight the ease of use of the product and it was done perfectly. Potential users are able to observe the ease at which survey distribution can be done most especially integration ease. Great product demo example.


The origins of Nike Free 2021

The origins of Nike Free. This demo video employs storytelling. That is the script writing technique used in this demo. The goal of this demo video is to provide a contextual basis for the product, reason for creating the product.

In the demo video, benefits are also highlighted but emphasis is on the story behind the product. This form demo video plays more to the emotions of the audience. It is a form of marketing strategy. This is another great example of how demo videos can be used for marketing purposes.



How to join a zoom meeting. This is also an example of practical demo video. In this product demo, audience are able to see how the software, zoom app is being used.

In the demo video, audience are shown its functionality, given a walk through on how it works. The goal of this demo video is enlighten potential users on what zoom.

How do demo videos Make Money?

The product demo has been shot; if live-action, edited and finalized. The next phase is having a marketing plan.

Essentially having a plan for the dissemination of the video content to target audience. There are quite a number of ways a product demo video can be disseminated.

This includes video sharing sites such as YouTube, other media such as website or campaign landing pages.

Another means of disseminating the product demo is via special email campaigns, making the product demo a part of sales pitches as well as sharing on partner blog posts.

Finally including a call to action in demo videos is one way to increase convert viewers to customers. Asking the viewers to click a link to sign up for a software app, asking the viewers to follow a link to a company’s website or landing page are possible call to actions that can be employed.

Using product demo videos in your marketing strategy

Creation of product demo videos can be time consuming and stressful. However once the video has been created, properly edited and gone live it becomes an integral part of the video marketing strategy employed by the brand.

Since it has been discovered that in making purchase decisions, consumers prefer to watch a short video about the product before making a decision.

There is now need to take advantage of video contents; product demo videos so as to funnel potential users directly to the company. This will significantly boost convention rate; essentially turning potential customers to customers into active customers.

Product demo videos are short format of videos that are created to walk through potential customer with the powerful features & use cases of your product. Generally speaking shorter product demo videos with voice over converts better.
Product demo videos should include an overview of your product, highlighting use cases for your targeted audience, a demonstration of using your most powerful features. Having a your voice and your face included in the video defiantly increases your chances to convert audience into leads or users.